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        About Us


Established 2015

Olivia’s came to be after having my own daughter and not finding a safe and medically inclined piercing environment. As a registered nurse I was surprised that I would have to take my daughter (2 months old) to any piercing place in the mall, tattoo parlor or jeweler. After investigating I decided to take matters in my own hands and created a business where parents can feel confident in the piercing process and in the knowledge of the person that is doing the piercing.

We specialize in piercings for infants and children of all ages. Piercings are performed using medical grade equipment by a certified Registered Nurse, ensuring the best care and knowledge for your family.



$70.00 (cash only)       


  • Includes both ears

  • Choose from 8 styles of earrings

  • Service to change earrings after healing period

*$10.00(extra fee)  Use of numbing cream for those patients that meet the criteria.


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Tel: (347) 275-7909

Appointments are available only Monday's between the hours of 11am-3pm.

  • Manhattan

First Step Pediatrics

3421 Broadway

New York, NY 

 Established 2015 Olivia's Ped. Piercing.

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